10 Days left to olive harvest 2016

Our olives are at the end of their ripening process and we’re gearing up for the harvest.

In 10 days we’ll start the olive picking job in our orchards. Every afternoon, after harvesting, we’ll bring them to the mill, where they’ll be crushed and transformed in the best, healthiest extra virgin olive oil.

So, if you back our campaign on Indiegogo, think how lucky you are in receiving directly at home the pure juice of our fresh, organic olives which contains all the healthy nutrients that olive oil is famous for!

Do we make your mouth water? DONT’ WORRY! For those who already backed our project, we’re organizing to send you the fresh new oil still before Christmas! For all the others, no problem! Our campaign is still active until October 10th. You’got time to back it and to share it with your friends.



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