Adopt a Tuscan Olive Tree!

Crowdfunding can be a great way to help from below the micro-olive growing in Tuscany.


By micro-olive growing we mean very small scale companies, just like us in the Oliveta della Torre, who have limited plots of land (5-10 acres) and to whom the oil produced makes it possible to obtain very narrow margins and in any case not sufficient to invest in the modernization of plants and/or new cultivation techniques. This discourages and increasingly pushes farmers to abandon olive groves. Unfortunately, the phenomenon is much more serious than we think.

It is a real pity because the Tuscan oil, which already contributes only 3% of the Italian olive oil production today, is destined to decrease further. Not to mention that, famous all over the world for its valuable organoleptic characteristics, Tuscan olive oil will also be increasingly subject to commercial fraud.

With our crowdfunding initiative Adopt a Tuscan Olive Tree, we give the opportunity to adopt a tree through an Adoption Voucher.

Crowdfunding Adoption Voucher

The aspiring godmother or godfather pays 60 euros to adopt an olive tree. This amount will be used to treat and maintain the olive tree for 1 year through activities such as pruning, harrowing and fertilising. In return we will send a personal photo-certificate with the name chosen for the adoptive tree. We will also apply a hand-made nameplate to the plant, which will be affixed forever.

The following year you can renew the crowdfunding adoption voucher, baptize a second plant and so on. Those who will renew the voucher for at least five years, but also those who will buy 5 vouchers in the same year (that is, they will be godfather or godmother of 5 adoptive trees), will be rewarded with 3 litres of oil extracted from the olives of their adopted trees. The oil pack will also bear a special geolocalized label that will allow its owners to know the exact place where their adopted olive trees grow. 😉

There are those who dedicate an olive tree to his or her wife, who baptize it with the name of the newborn child. There are also those who dedicate it to a particularly beautiful and significant experience of their lives.

Here are some photos of our adopted olive trees:


Check out our crowdfunding pitch video: