Who we are

The story of the family-run Oliveta della Torre olive farm starts in 2012, with the purchasing of two abandoned olive groves northward and southward of the ancient tower of the Castle of Montepescini, which inspired us the name for the company, literally meaning “Olive grove of the Tower”.

The family who runs the olive farm

“From the beginning we focused on the practices of sustainable farming, with no use of pesticide nor chemical fertilizer, and in 2015 we finally obtained the organic certification.”

points out Giuseppe Russo, ancient chef restaurateur, today olive grower and company owner of the Oliveta della Torre olive farm.

Now from about 800 olive plants of the tuscan cultivars of Leccino, Pendolino, Frantoio and Moraiolo we produce a top quality, handcrafted EVOO, with a high biophenols content (450 – 700  mg/kg) and  low acidity levels (0,3%). These results are possible thanks to an early olive harvest (starting from the first decade of October) made by hand (with olive pickers) and most of all managing  short intervals (max. 24 hours) between the stocked olives and their crushing in the  local olive mill, also organic-certified.

“In 5 years whe succeeded in restoring and making productive again two abandoned olive groves and in producing an excellent EVOO: bitter, pungent and genuine,  like all true tuscan olive oils and which represents the best expression of this unspoiled area of Tuscany.”