State of our olives: 8th of august 2016

Our Tuscan olive trees are doing fine and their fruits growing plumper! In June we were flooded with rain, and some light hails made some damages here and there. In July we chocked in a heat way that lasted the whole month… But despite these whims of the weather, our olives look strong and healthy and the quality of our oil will not be affected.

The ripening period starts now and will last until the full maturity of the olives. In this phase the fruits start to synthesize their oil while loosing at the same time their water, sugar and organic acids content.

Thanks to the very high average temperatures of over 91.4° F (33° C), we didn’t register any (till now!) olive fly attack. This fly is indeed the main pest for olives, always lurking in the shadows… so we keep a watchful eye! ?

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