For refined palates

Our Nobile della Torre comes from our south-facing olive grove. It’s characterized by a milder microclimate which softens the tough flavor of the traditional tuscan EVOO blend and satisfies the lovers of milder tastes. Certified IGP

Nobile della Torre IGP
Nobile della Torre certified Tuscan IGP

Nutraceutical properties:

Acidity (in % M/M of oleic acid): 0.26 (max. 0.6)

Number of peroxides (in meqO2/kg): 6.90 (max. 16)

Tocopherols (mg/kg): 228

Polyphenols (mg/kg): 450

The Nobile della Torre IGP is filled in elegant bottles of 0,25 cl – 0,50 cl – 0,75 cl.

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