extra virgin olive oil from tuscany

EVOO "Oro della Torre"

For connoisseurs: the extra vergin olive oil “Oro della Torre” is our traditional, organic extra virgin olive oil. It expresses all the deep richness of the aroma and flavors of the classic tuscan blend, made with the traditonal varietals of Pendolino, Leccino, Moraiolo and Frantoio.


Oro della Torre

Nutraceutical properties:

Free Fatty Acids (Acidity): 0.22 (max. 0.80)

Number of peroxides: 7.4 (max. 20)

Total Polyphenols: 541 mg/kg

Vitamin E (Total Thocopherols): 5 mg (per 25 ml portion)

The Oro della Torre Organic Oil is filled in cans of  0,25 cl – 0,50 and 1 l.


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